The Class of 1960's 55th Reunion (October 3, 2015)
The Class of 60 Has Made History

Saturday Night (October 3) at the Pompano Club in Port Neches, TX
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Sena Walters-Kern and Bill Kern
Tommie Ann Sawyer-Hays & Alice White-Calhoun

Hal and Renee Wiggins

Gayle Smith-Watler, Raeleen Cropper, Janice Hays-Crockett and
Renee Wiggins
Kitty Rusling-Gleason and James Rusling
Kitty, Jane Rudd-Olivier and Betty Southerland-Gaunnt
Carole Thomas and Lana Dorrell
Carole, Lana and Janice
Betty Jo Wade-Merwin, Glenda South-Stumhoffer, Lana,
Christine Fox-Bertin and Gayle Smith-Watler
Leona Breaux-Little, Delores Escagne-Broussard, Judy Jenkins-Scrivner & Pat McBride-Sierra