The Class of 1960's 55th Reunion (October 3, 2015)
The Class of 60 Has Made History

Pictures shown below courtesy of Pat McBride-Sierra

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Renee Wiggins Beverly Gracey, Mike Gracey and Michlla Sorenson
Pat and Diann McCarthy & William McDuffie Carolyn Chelette-Monte, Brenda and Jeff Schnell & Barry Davis
Glenda South-Stumhoffer and Janice Hays-Crockett

Brian Hewitt, ??? and Michelle Sorenson-Johnson

Cloris and Darnell Moser & Margie Baron-Petion Margie, Monteel Strickland-Coople & Norma Sebastian-Ezer
Sam Die and Chester LaPointe Bonnie Ransonette-Gutel and Robert Gutel
Keith Brist and Linda Beach-Brist Jane Rudd-Olivier
Margie Barron-Petion and James Petion Ramon Hill and Pat McBride-Sierra
Hardy and Linda Boutte Robert Preston & Lois Preston
Jeraldine Newman-Allen and Terry Allen Renee Wiggins and Hal Wiggins
Linda Morvant-Monk & Raeleen Cropper

Linda Oubre-Borel, Judy Falcon-Waltrep, Margie Barron-Petion

(Photo Courtesy of Judy Falcon-Waltrep)

Top: Kathy Healy-Gumberger, Mike Levy
Bottom: Linda, Judy and Margie
(Photo courtesy of Judy Falcon-Waltrep)
Carole Thomas and Don Daigle

We are still working on photos from classmates
and will post them shortly!
(Hang in there)