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Below pictures sent in by T. K. Berryman - now residing in Brenham, TX

Lee Elementary - 3rd Grade - Mrs. Settles, Teacher
Back Row (L-R) Frank Sales, ???,  ???,  Gretchen  Gaines, ???, ???, ???, Barry Balentine, Donald Castille, J. D. Seward,
???, ???, ???, ???
Front Row (L-R) Beverly Jackson, Marga Umphrey, Carol Simoneaux, ???, ???, ???, Faye Ann Babin, ???, ???, ???,
Pat McCarthy, Karen Clayton, Tim Berryman, Brian Hewitt

Pleasure Island Texas Company Employees Picnic - Mid 1950's
Both the Texas Company and Gulf Oil held these celebrations once a year.  Great fun.  You could eal all you wanted, ride
all the rides, then, if you spent too much time on the "Tilt-a-Wheel", be very sick, as I recall.

Lee Elementary Band - Mid 1950's
Second Row:  #11 B. J. Gralino,#12 Terry Trahan, #16 Brian Hewitt, #17 Tim Berryman
Third Row:  #8 Barry Balentine, #9 Marga Umphry
Back Row:  #4 Karen Clayton?


 Here is one sent to us from Carolyn Chellete-Monte now residing in Dallas

Left to Right:  Betty Jo Wade, Mildred Hoogie, Carolyn Chelette, Jean Ann Austin, Billie Jean Chandler, Beth Brown, Merilyn Bodden and Unknown
Who and what are the names of the Grandma and Grandpa couple?


Came across this while going through my Aunt's stuff from PA. Thought you might like to see this.  Some people just never change!
Carolyn Chelette-Monte


































A "Trivia" Question for you!

Who is this TJ 60 Classmate? Name the Car and the structure behind the car and the location...

The below photo is from Lana Dorrell
This is a Sixth Grade Photo taken at DeQueen Elementary during school year 55-56.
Can you identify any of these classmates?

Left to Right... Front Row:
2.  Jane Rudd
3.  Christine Fox
4.  Carol Scalco
5.  Lana Dorrell
8.  George Boyum
Teacher:  Mrs. Hammitt
Second Row:
9.  Judy Elam
15.  David Rhodes
16.  Allen Nelson
Third Row:
17.  Betty Cochran
18.  Patricia Hays


Fourth Row:
26.  Betty Sutherland
28.  Sam Die
29.  Bill Jenkins
30.  Terry Trahan


Sheila Chesser-Kiefer says:  Number 3 is Christine Fox, Number 4 is Carol Scalco and Number 5 is Lana Dorrell.
Annette Irwin-Feemster says:  Row 1 Number 2 is Jane Rudd. # 8 is George Boyum.  Row 2 #1 is Judy Elam.
    Row 3 # 3 is Helen Kares?
(Wrong) # 4 is Betty Sutherland (Wrong).  Teacher is Ms. Hammitt.
    I was in Mrs. Carruth's class that year at DeQueen.
Sam Die says:  DeQueen Elementary 55-56.  Number 2 Jane Rudd, Number 8 George Boyum, Number 18 Patricia Hays,
    Number 28 Sam Die, Number 38 Terry Trahan, Number 31 Henry Williams
(Wrong).  Teacher is Ms Hamilton (Wrong)
    Ms Hamilton told me I would never learn how to spell because of the way I pronounced my words..I saw her one evening
    shopping in my store in 1969 ... I told her she was right I still could not spell but my secretary spelled very well thank you.
    I recognize the faces but names just are not coming to mind this evening.
James "Butch" Hurley says: Number 16 is Allen Nelson and number 30 is Terry Trahan.
Janice Hays-Cavada says:  Number 2 is Jane Rudd; Number 9 is Judy Elam; Number 17 is Betty Cochran; Number 26 is Betty
   Sutherland; Number 7 is Terry Trahan;  Also number 8 is George Boyum.
VJ Harper says:  Number 4 is Carol Scalco; Number 17 is Betty Cochran.


Email from:  Marianne Meier-Pearce

Just wanted you to know I`m back from SE Asia.  WOW, halfway around the world!  What a long bus ride!!!  Here are just a few photos.  I would love to show all of them and tell all about the trip. Hope everyone is doing well and I did survive.  Hope to see you soon.  PS, I visited Bangkok, Chaing Mai, Phuket, and Hong Kong.
Back in the USA,

Double Click on Photo
Can you find Marianne?

Trivia Photo from David Burge

Can you name these TJ 60 Classmates?
Photo taken in 2005 prior to Hurricane Rita
at David Burge's Home in Crystal Beach

The photo, a no-brainer!!! Who could forget Ginger, Ruthie, Carol, Pat and Tony????
Thanks for helping us to keep this info fresh in our antiquated minds! Carolyn Chelette Monte'


Left to Right:  the Nancy Makins, Mary Carmen Fredeman, Sheila McCarthy,
Linda Mattiza and Jean Ellen Lusk  (Photo taken in early 1950's)
(Photo courtesy of Joy Dell Richardson-McCraven)

New Red Hussars

McFaddin Beach

Linda Mattiza
CavOILcade Parade ... 1960



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