Classmate Trivia

Top Row: Jay Kirkpatrick, Martha Laird, Teacher Mr. Klein, Barry Davis and V. J. Harper
Front Row: ???, Sena Walters, Lana Dorrell, Lana Huckaby and ?????



Below photo courtesy of:
Leslie Pierce-Royce

Back: Dianne Mattice, ????, Marjorie Short, Lana Huckaby, Betty Lou Southerlin, Sidney McGlothlin, Annette Irwin; 
Front:  Carol Thomas, Leslie Pierce, Christine Fox, Betty Irwin, Mary Bonin, Sarah Brazeal & Venita Sue May.

Thanks for posting Leslie Pierce's photo of the Camp Fire Girls.  I don't know who the unidentified girl on the back row is; but on the front row, the dark-haired girl (4th from right) is my sister, Betty Irwin.  And the girl next to her (3rd from right) is, I think, Mary Bonin. 

Thanks for the memory, Paul and Leslie. 

Annette Irwin Feemster

This picture was taken about 1957 or '58 at McFadden Beach
just west of Sabine Pass on highway 87
Who is this TJ 60 Classmate?
(Becky Latimer)

Photo courtesy of Pat McBride-Sierra

I think the beautiful girl in the bathing suit is Becky Latimer.  Am I right?  Ginger Logan-Brown

Could it be Becky Latimer?  She was my prom date.  Mike Gracey


Here's one sent in from Kay Andrus-Coonrod

Who are these lovely young ladies?
What was the occasion?
Where was this taken at?

I know this one! Kay's picture was taken at out Senior Check Day Breakfast at Rose Hill Manor. L to R: Linda Strange, Kay Andrus, Karin Crumpler, Ruthie Vaughn, Bobbie Valdez, Ruthie Ridout, and Cammie Oliver. For bonus points, that is Charlene Palmer walking down the sidewalk. It is hard to believe that many dresses could be made out of yellow and whitel check and all look different. That was a day filled with lots of fun. ~ Charlotte Wilson Mann
Yes, indeed, it's Senior "Check Day" at Rose Hill. Those were the days when we all could get dressed up and feel really special--yeah, Seniors '60! Charlotte Anne left out one person--Linda Lou Mills. I can't believe she spotted me walking along the sidewalk. Thanks for remembering!  And thanks, Kay for the picture.  Charlene Palmer Tucker

Driving around in "Old Port Arthur" one day I came across this home
and knowing that it was the homestead of a TJ 60 Classmate I took this photo:

Whose old "homestead" is this?

That's Ruth Edris Ridout's house.  I spent lots of time there.  Loved it.  ... Ginger Logan Brown  (Edris?...)
That new picture of the old one and a half story frame house is where Ruthie Ridout used to live. I went there many times when we were dating back in college at Lamar Tech. I was a Freshman and she was the "Older Woman" a Sophomore. It's right next to the old Saint Mary's Catholic Church.  ...  Dennis Hollander
I think this "old homestead" is Ruthie Ridout's home. Our mothers used to car-pool us to and from school (none of us had cars of our own), and Ruthie lived only a few blocks from me.   ... Charlene (Palmer) Tucker
Of course I recognize my old home on Fifth Street where I lived my whole life until I moved to Houston to teach school after graduation from Lamar.  My dad's parents lived there, but I am not sure  what year they moved there.  I think it might have been when he was very young.  It sure says something about the house to think it has been through several hurricanes and still stands.  Thanks for bringing back many good memories for me!!  I know Ginger already guessed as she called me to tell me to check the website. ... Ruthie   

Thanks for showing Ruthie Ridout's Port Arthur house.  Seeing it and reading all the classmate comments was fun.  Sandy Vaughan-Merrifield

(Would you like to see a photo of your old home?)


Going through some old boxes Pat McBride-Sierra came across some old photos that she would like to share.

Pat challenges your "CRS" disease and would like to see how many of these old friends you can name.

Trivia Photo # 1
Back Row (L-R): Linda Gayle, Russell Richard (61), Jay Kirkpatrick & Ingrid Wendlandt (61) ...
Front Row (L-R):  Carol Scalco, Pat Brannon, Lucian Gondron (61), Carol Simoneaux and Monteel Strickland
(Sandy Vaughan-Merrifield)
Back row-fourth person is Barry Davis.  On the front row the second girl is Julie Broussard.
(Barry Davis)

Trivia Photo # 2
Martha Laird, Mary Bolles, Cammie Oliver and Curtis Johnson
(Sandy Vaughan-Merrifield)

Trivia Photo # 3

Trivia Photo # 4
Front Left-Right:  Linda Mattiza and Sheila Chesser

Trivia Photo # 5


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